Fight club


Don’t ask about the name

So last night was the first of the fight club series organised by Bei and the team, I think it was a big success due in no small part to the fact that the organisation was spot on and the matches came thick and fast. It is no easy job to organise so many pilots in a pretty high stress atmosphere so well done lads.

Johnny and Sons Fencing Specialists are our team comprised of about half Tuskers and half friends. Spax put it all together and everyone has been working their arses off in testing, only two of the team have ever flown in a tournament before but everyone assumes this is a team in the same mould as the pretty damn good Tusker AT team so the pressure was on.

We were fairly happy with our testing (although you always wish you had tried one more thing) and in the first match we had a bit of a hiccup as we boundaried and therefore lost the match just as it was getting going. The guy who flew out was pretty pissed off with himself but the truth is that everyone does that once but usually in practice, he hadn’t had time to make that mistake yet so unfortunately did it in a match. Bummer but never mind, move on and learn from it. The only good point is that you never make that mistake twice..

The second match went very well and was a 5-0 clean sweep so things could have been worse and it’s good to get the derps out early.

Props to all the guys who put in so much hard work.

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