New pilot pvp training programme.


For a long time I have wanted to start a newbie pvp training programme, I spent a year training up new guys in my old corp and we had one superb success and a number of very good ones.

I constantly moan about new players looking for the magic bullet to pvp success and harp on about how it is achieved slowly by hard work not by some magic fit or single technique, now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and do something about it.

My intention is to recruit over the next few weeks five to ten keen new players who want to improve at pvp and bring them in alongside Tusker gangs in small numbers to learn how to survive in lowsec and get a foot on the piracy ladder.

The details are yet to be sorted out but if this sounds like you then I want to hear your story, hopefully I will get a few interested parties and here is a list of what I am and am not looking for:

The following are not a factor:

  1. SP, it is irrelevant.

  2. ISK, likewise.

  3. Previous loyalties, I don’t care who you flew with before – you will be one of us for the duration.

What I am looking for:

  1. Enthusiasm and a desire to learn and improve.

  2. Resilience, you are going to make a lot of mistakes (we all did) and you need to pick yourself up and try again.

  3. Independence, we are not going to hold your hand but you will get some solid advice from good pilots (and some completely lethal ones).

  4. Personality, we want easy going guys who are fun to have on comms.

If selected you will:

  1. Firstly get some solid advice on logistics, overview setup and the basics.

  2. Fly in Tusker gangs with us one or two at a time.

  3. If I or others have time we will take you out in 2-5 man gangs.

  4. Learn how to FC from day one.

  5. Hopefully learn a lot and laugh while doing it.

This is going to be a trial run, we may fall flat on our face or be a roaring success but probably somewhere between these two. I would add that my playtime is not great at the moment so for much of the time you will be given ideas and goals to go and achieve on your own, we are not going to babysit you – a big part of this is teaching you how to create your own content.

So if that sounded good then send an ingame mail to Johnny Twelvebore telling me why you think you’d benefit from this and I will contact you to have a chat on comms.

It goes without saying that if you join us your sec status is going to drop quickly, be prepared to give up highsec – it’s shit anyway.

Fly fast,


One thought on “New pilot pvp training programme.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We look forward to dueling y’all in UPH – Glen Burney

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