All this talk about PvE..


EVE is not about carebearing.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about updating PvE and in essence I’m not dead set against it but this is a game about power struggles and uncompromising violence. Some choose to do that through markets and some at the strategic level pushing minions about the map to secure income. I choose to do it alongside two or three well trained friends normally against the odds and for no strategic goals at all, simply for the love of fighting and winning. Tuskers own no sov and hardly any caps but we love the AT, EVE NT series and two of us will be fighting in the Amarr championships.

Every day you will see a new post on reddit or the forums along the lines of “I’m scared to pvp, how do I ensure success?” and every year the game gets more risk averse driving people to ridiculous desperation which manifests in falcon alts, cynos on standby and other nonsense – luckily this is normally easy to spot and we know the regular offenders so can come prepared.

Here’s a secret for all the guys in that position including the eve-uni guy who keeps pestering us for fits convinced that simply flying what we fly will guarantee victory (for the record it won’t, we fly odd stuff). There is no easy way to become good – every one of us with the rare exception of the genius savants who just got it had to go through a baptism of fire. You fight, you lose, you learn, that’s it and in the next fight you are slightly better. Repeat until good, personally I lost a metric fucktonne of ships before I got a single victory but I stuck at it and now am reasonably confident in a scrap.

Shiny mods and expensive hulls coupled with a lack of experience simply fund my loot hangar, to this day I still fly T2 fitted ships and on the very rare occasion I fit a faction mod it is one I have removed from the smoking remains of an enemy.

I’m not sure this is ever likely to happen but the game needs more gung-ho newbs who are prepared to go out and learn, I want a challengeĀ and Tuskers are constantly on the lookout for promising new talent to nurture and help grow into someone who will later bring that rarest of commodities, the fabled good fight.

Public roams are good start but are normally quite large and fall into the “cat-herding” mentality where you learn little about actual flying, for that you need a small group (2-5 is perfect) in cheap ships with reships nearby and just go out and engage stuff, the sense of achievement is huge when you win your first fight but the most important skill is resilience, when you get smacked down just get up and try again.

It is possible to make enough money from pvp to buy more ships to pvp again, very easy at frigate level but harder as you fly more expensive hulls so let’s stop perpetuating the myth that you need a pve alt to fund your fun, it puts off the new guys.

5 thoughts on “All this talk about PvE..

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    While it is possible to make enough ISK from PvP, it is not guaranteed, because you have to be good. The people who can do so are a self-selected elite echo chamber; because those who do need PvE to fund their PvP are usually not writing boisterous (or any) blog posts about it.

    (This isn’t restricted to self-funded PvP, btw. For example, for every rich market trader with a blog there are other, unsuccessful market traders you never hear about, because – well, who wants to read stories about failure?)

  2. I agree, it takes practice, what is lacking are those willing to practice and become good. The more accessible but tedious path is shooting red crosses.

    Nothing worth having is easy to get..

    • Druur Monakh says:

      And some (many?) will never be good enough to self-fund their PvP, no matter how much practice they put into it. What would you have them do – stop an activity they otherwise enjoy?

  3. By all means settle for mediocrity if that is your style, I try to encourage others to learn and would argue that anyone can improve if they try.

    Have been thinking of starting a small newbie corp for ages, perhaps I should put my money where my mouth is and do it..

    • Druur Monakh says:

      I did not say to ‘settle’, or to stop improving – that would be indeed stupid. But even constant improvement does not mean that everybody can reach your level; and pretending otherwise is probably even more off-putting to those who struggle. “I did it, so everybody else can, too.” is as much a myth as ‘you must do PvE in order to PvP’ – it’s survivor bias, and discouraging to those who are resilient, work on their game, and still don’t get anywhere near the same results.

      That said: it is a goal worth chasing, and if you ran a newbie corp and motivated people to get into PvP by making it look easy – that would be a good thing.

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