Everyone loves shiny kills


Our new home system is close to Eve Uni’s and we regularly have dust ups. I was sat in a plex yesterday in their system and shouted up in local if anyone would like a 1v1, I have had one before with them and the guy honoured it saying that was their policy.

One guy piped up so I told him what I was in (a comet) and so he brought a daredevil, ah well never mind I’ll give it a go I thought and clobbered him pretty hard, without doing any damage to me he hit the mwd and bailed claiming he had made a mistake.

“Have you got anything less scary” I was asked in local which is a bit rich from the guy who brought a daredevil to a comet but he proposed a merlin fight so I went off and fitted a terrible armour dual web rails version hoping he would bring blasters, he didn’t and I lost.

He proposed one more so thinking T1 frigs was the thing now I went and got a breacher, and just in case he brought something over the top I packed a pill. In warps a succubus. Bloody hell this guy has not much idea of a fair scrap here but ah well, lets go for it (pops pill). We hammered at each other and were pretty equal but I noticed he didn’t have a web and was repping huge chunks so figured it was an oversized repper. If I can outlast his charges I might win this – half way through local pops up with “I don’t suppose you want to spare my ship” which obviously went unanswered and finally with my mods all glowing hot he pops. I am thinking of shiny loot when his buddy in a hookbill warps in so I leave. It was only when I saw the killmail I realised I should just have killed the hookbill too.

I didn’t make a fuss and I’m not going to but claiming you have a corp policy of honouring 1v1s and then not respecting it is very low. He claimed the other guy was “only there for the loot” and then convoed me to pester me for my fit.

To be honest I have no idea if Uni do have such a policy, I know we do but we are very much a minority.

Either way it was a fun fight and I went off and blapped an Enyo in the same ship ten minutes later, while it was dying his mates turned up but luckily so did mine and we rinsed the entire gang.

It’s good being a pirate..

One thought on “Everyone loves shiny kills

  1. lynxartrald says:

    Why oh why you would fit a frigate with that much bling?

    As someone who’s recently moved on from E-Uni, I can confirm that there is a policy that says you should honor 1v1s, but I don’t think it’s set in stone or clearly communicated to newcomers to the low sec campus in Uphallant.

    What that means is that depending on who is in comms/fleet and who is not, you may get different results – someone might warp in on a 1v1 without the main E-Uni fleet being aware of it, and even if they were, if that guy is not in fleet or in comms there’s not much they can do to stop them.

    Looks like this area of Placid is becoming a better place to roam in again!

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