AT first weekend highlights


Well the first weekend is over without any major surprises amongst the top teams, here are my highlights:

First of all Tuskers are through with a couple of solid 100 – nil wins which makes us all happy, our first match was comfortable but CVA are a solid team and we took it very seriously, coming out fine in the end.

Props to Pheobe for taking out Clockwork and then Brave to stay in the winners bracket, I know nothing about the team (and perhaps they drafted in some ringers) but I love the underdogs and will continue to cheer for them.

Shadow were the last match of the weekend and showed everyone how bombers should be used, we have faced that comp in practice and it is not much fun, you should definitely watch the replay of Shadow v NC.

I have to mention Bastards who despite losing the first one came back with a solid 100 – nil against Affirmative which cheered me up no end, they are a pretty low sp bunch and did well, their next match is not too tricky either so fingers crossed for them to push on a bit further.

Drop the Hammer was another entertaining match vs 404 and executed an MJD rush rather well to get in the face of their opponents and start melting shit at a good rate, again worth a watch on replay.

Tuskers have Warlords next so fingers crossed but Evebet has Warlords to win by about 2:1, might be worth putting some money on us as we don’t intend to roll over that easily..

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