Its been a while but..

Today I got a really great ransom. Spotted a Venture mining in lowsec and went to fetch my double scram atron which is used on these occasions. Scrammed him and opened a convo which took a long time since I was speaking French very badly and asked for the Marseillaise which is the French national anthem and a belting tune.

Turns out he was Belgian so that was out but then had to try to translate “drinking song” which was beyond my linguistic ability, eventually I realise his English is better than my French so we switched.

I love French songs, they always sound good and afterwards spent 20 mins or so giving him some advice and trying to find a decent lowsec French speaking corp for him, if anyone knows of one please let me know. This guy has the right attitude, he found being ransomed a good laugh and unusually didn’t swear at me or threaten to burn my house down and shoot my dog.

The pilots name is Osvlad Oskold, he is very new so if you enjoyed his singing please send him some ISK.


6 thoughts on “Its been a while but..

  1. Bex says:

    You are such a bad person. I’m ashamed to know you.

  2. Druur Monakh says:

    I’m curious: Why did you start in French in the first place? I usually operation under the premise that my first language is not his first language, so I just use English.

  3. moi says:

    Not sure what they are like, and of course all the hooha going on there at the moment may not be the greatest but these may be good for him –

    They passed through our system last night and seemed friendly enough.

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