Op Success


On a gate, with five catalysts..

Sometimes a roam just boils down to one kill. We took out a group of what I call psycho catalysts which are very high dps murderwagons fit for dps and hardly any tank. The trick is to all engage at the same time therefore bringing well over 500dps per ship to bear on anything unlucky enough to be on grid with you and kill it before it can kill you. Approaching anything beyond 15km is not an option, you have to be practically at zero and go all in – death or glory.

We came across two proteus and a tengu on gate, figuring the tengu was links we jumped through with them and at this point were six catalysts strong. A bit of a standoff happened with one flashy proteus and one not but eventually one of them aggressed so I called to jump gate in order to split them up.

At this point I wasn’t sure if it was the flashy or non-flashy that had shot but when the flashy one followed us through and aggressed it was game on. “Hose it lads” and we unleashed over 3000dps of overloaded void fury into the thing in a frantic race to melt it before his mate could jump through. Now a proteus has pretty solid resists to blasters but we were winning with pure damage and his tank was failing, I got primaried but then he pulled damage to deaggress and jump. Big mistake.

Looking at his fit – with twin webs he probably could have rinsed the lot of us but was perhaps trying to play it safe with his 1.8 Bn ship, we had no such concerns with our 6 Mill ships.

The Tengu did aggress too (though we are not sure how) and we had that into low armour before it managed to jump gate as we had all been heating our guns like mad (Johnathan won a ship skin for most overheat damage with 96%) and just couldn’t run any more hot cycles for fear of burning out.

After comms had died down I looted the wreck and suddenly had to shout “Holy shit lads, I have 600M in my cargo!” After rapidly docking the most expensive catalyst ever to fly we negotiated selling the loot back to the unfortunate victim (who was pretty cool about it actually) and carried on our merry way.

That loot paid for our ships hundreds of times over and each pilot got a decent payout.

The rest of the roam was quiet apart from getting involved in some stupid station games with the Heyd Russians, we instagibbed a svipul that was daft enough to engage and then lost a couple of catalysts to instalockers, after that we called it and headed home fairly chuffed with the night’s work.


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