My bad luck finally ends..

Definition of bad luck

Things have not been going well recently..

My luck skill has been pretty bad recently, normally I don’t loose too many ships and when I do it is to a blob I could have done nothing about but recently I have been making stupid mistakes and loosing ships I shouldn’t have which has been endlessly entertaining for my opponents and there has been some pretty cheesy smack in local.

All this came to an end last night in classic style, here’s how:

We had a roam scheduled and all the ships were ready – a pretty solid armour fleet with logi (which is something we very rarely use) but the numbers were just a fraction too low to make it work so I raided my hangar and found five or six battle navitas’. “What the hell is a battle navitas?” you ask, and to be fair so did all the guys I was with but these things are awesome – you fit one remote rep and two guns with full tackle and afterburners and go looking for a fight.

A big problem in the current risk averse meta is getting a fight, half a dozen Tuskers in a solid fleet comp will struggle to get anyone to engage but a load of navitas’ – everyone will shoot that and this is exactly what we wanted.

We started off well and as we undocked someone called a Harby navy in a plex, team yolo sprang into action and we nearly got him but he bailed to the next system followed closely by us, a few minutes of bouncing around and we had the bugger tackled on a gate, taking gate guns in very flimsy frigates. It was close and we lost one frig before reps could stabilise but he went down nicely followed by quite a juicy pod.

At this point it was op success but we headed out again and two jumps later saw a ‘cane at a plex. Obvious bait always has to be taken so we tackled it and watched scan, huginn, tornado, vexor, rupture and thrasher appear and it’s game on. At this point we are facing some serious dps, enemy with links and us with none and in their home system so they can reship – all in some t1 frigs with a couple of algos for moral support.

Mods are glowing hot as the ‘cane goes down and shortly afterwards my brave navitas succumbs to the dps on grid, the guys keep working through the huginn, tornado and thrasher while slowly loosing frigs and at the end it is down to one of our algos vs the last ship, a vexor. The algos goes down bravely and we narrowly miss holding the field. The battle report is a bit confusing since they appear to have shot their own side but this gives the rough picture. Best fight I’ve had in ages – outnumbered, outgunned to hell and we were half an inch from clearing the grid.

This was the night that just kept giving however and returning from some highsec shenanigans and much the worse for drink we spotted a Tornado, Drake, Navy drake and Myrm in home system apparently running belts. We were hopelessly spread out at this point with one guy stuck in high waiting out criminal timer after some distinctly sub-optimal choices regarding concord and several guys had no ships. John had to buy an unbelievably crappily fit brutix and I grabbed a Keres for point and we piled in completely unprepared expecting bears who would run. Props to them because they fought on gate and a running battle ensued with Switch moaning all the time about how he couldn’t undock for another 5 mins and was missing the fight.

I was a bit pissed and can’t remember exactly how it went but my Keres was a bloody hero, multiple times I warped in and pointed stuff only to get drones set on me and have to warp in low hull, repping up and heading back in to keep things on grid. Johnathans brutix went down due to t1 reppers but eventually our deeply unsuitable fleet somehow dropped the drake and the tornado with the other two escaping. Grid was ours and so was the loot. Again the battle report is a bit screwy but here it is.

It’s good being a pirate.


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