AFK Multiboxer on gate?


“Absolutely no idea lads”

Three of us were mucking about in Resbroko when we saw a few Ishtars on scan, we didn’t pay much attention until the way back when they were sat on the gate. This is nothing odd in itself but something didn’t seem quite right so we watched them for a bit – Two Ishtars, a Rook and a Moa.

Eventually we were pretty sure they were afk so tagged them all and warped off to reset gate guns, “OK sod it, lets hose this rook lads” and sure enough not one of them moved while we mowed down the lot including pods.

Still confused about this one but the consensus was a multiboxer who had clicked the wrong button. Thanks for the loot anyway..


3 thoughts on “AFK Multiboxer on gate?

  1. Rob Kaichin says:

    Having been in alliance with this guy, their internet is somewhat notorious for being terrible.

    It’s not like they could’ve fought back had they won though. All those WCS… Bleugh

    Ah well, nice kills. Maybe next time they’ll realise that it’s easier on bandwidth to only use one account, even if it does take longer.

    Rob K.

  2. Mr Spaxi says:

    Never forget. Sorry Johnny, I just saw an old post on the forums mentioning this. :D

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