1.2Bn Curse down



You know that girl you went out with a few years ago? Bloody gorgeous but took hours to get ready. That’s my corpie Redberret (except the gorgeous bit). I found a wormhole to null renter space with a couple of 8/10 sites and he took so long faffing about getting ready that by the time we got there they had despawned, I had also grown a beard in this time.

So we found a 5/10 and thought ah well that’ll do – a Tengu was already doing the site so we went for it but he saw us on scan and cleared out. Just as we finished the site a curse turns up and I’d like to say he put up a solid fight but in reality it dropped like a stone. Red went for the site loot and I went to loot the Curse wreck.

Almost at the same time we both said “Bloody hell, 1.2Bn” which was confusing but we quickly worked out that the site and the Curse were both worth about the same amount – quite a lot. We scooped over 600M from the Curse and twice that from the site and legged it back to lowsec quickly chuckling all the way.


2 thoughts on “1.2Bn Curse down

  1. Midtown South says:

    I still can’t understand why you seem so satisfied with yourself, posting this kill everywhere you can. Props should go to the pilot with the mojo to fly a bling fit recon in combat, not to you two numpties who outnumbered him. Get over yourself.

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