CODE in lowsec. What could go wrong?


You all know about these guys, the highsec warriors who justify what they do with some sort of code of ethics revolving around punishing afk gameplay. In the early days I thought they were a bit of a laugh but from there I feel it descended into needing a pretext for suiciding mining ships.

I don’t have a problem with highsec suiciding and have done it myself, I am open about it just doing it for laughs and profit (the same reason I kill anything anywhere) but to dress it up in the clothes of a righteous cause just seems unnecessary to me.

Anyway, the other day I was scouting about and found a couple of Maelstroms on scan in Citadel lowsec. As any pirate will tell you (with a few exceptions) this is basically a big shiny killmail waiting to happen. I narrowed down the scan and warped in cloaked to find two CODE battleships tackled by a few fast tackle ships – ho ho the sharks are circling and someone got there first. Luckily I happened to be scouting for about two dozen bloodthirsty Aussies out on their regular morning roam and so I convoed one of the tacklers and basically said “hang on lads the cavalry is on the way”.

They were understandably a bit worried about becoming part of the meal I was serving up to team Australia but hung in there and kept them both tackled until we got the Anzacs on grid and swift murder ensued. Boom and boom.

Props to these two for tooling up and coming to lowsec but your overtanked highsec behemoths are practically useless in lowsec (especially without the ability to fly them properly), the sharks will smell you coming a mile off and if we hadn’t got there the guys tackling them would have brought in more dps to finish the job off or pecked them to death slowly.

This got me thinking, the fits we use are vastly different depending on sec status, what works in null is pointless in wormholes and highsec vs low is no different. I was talking to some Brave Newbs recently who were extolling the virtues of their talwar fit that could hit out to 70 odd km and they just came up blank when I asked them how they were going to point stuff in lowsec without bubbles. Adapt and learn dudes.


5 thoughts on “CODE in lowsec. What could go wrong?

  1. BuckStrider says:

    I want my 30 sec back for reading about the killing of 2 lousy BS.

    • The point is more about how different fits work in different areas of space but I apologise unreservedly for taking up your valuable time.

    • Sarcos says:

      I think the point was not about the killing of 2 Code battleships, but that they derped into low with 2 completely unsuitable ships (at least without anti-support/tackle in tow). It is even more amusing that they proclaim to teach players about game mechanics in hi-sec, yet fail basic knowledge when venturing outside that zone.

  2. Mr Spaxi says:

    So close to Snuff home; it was a death waiting to happen.

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