Sneaky Swedes and grumpy Russians.

imgresHelan Går

Yesterday we were doing the usual stuff and found a stabber at a plex so in we went in a couple of frigs expecting a bloody good fight, turns out Crake Gaterau had spotted the same thing and also fancied his chances and he landed at the same time Svammel and I did.

“Don’t bother shooting Crake mate, I’m sure he will go for the stabber first” were the last words I said before my kiting slicer got scrammed, neuted and webbed by the sneaky Swede. Oh bugger – never mind if I don’t target him he will notice and we can blap the cruiser. Nope, between the stabbers drones and Crake my trusty slicer bit the dust shortly followed by Svammel (another sneaky Swede) who had decided to go for Crake. Then the exceedingly lucky stabber pilot simply had to finish off Crake to complete our failscade, Doh.

Crake hops on comms afterwards for some good natured abuse and explained how he just went for the closest threat not knowing what our intentions were. I don’t blame him but that didn’t stop me making fun of him and using all sorts of treacherous names:)

Now we come to the grumpy Russian, I had been chasing a slicer in my own slicer and he kept running from plexes, normally I get bored of this very quickly unless they start smacktalking in local, then they die – every time.

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore хахаха свободен как мамонт в полете

Yura Amarr >Johnny Twelvebore noob

At this point I finally catch him and explodificate his slicer

Yura Amarr > жаль дизу не взял

Zloy Gop > ты не правельно пишиш им)

Zloy Gop > надо так

Zloy Gop > [offensive jpeg]

Crake Gaterau > Yura Amarr NoooOOOOOoooOOooo!

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore slut

Johnny Twelvebore > much love bud

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore suck

Johnny Twelvebore > kisses

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore stupid rat

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore [offensive jpeg]

Johnny Twelvebore > love you too

I really don’t know what the Cyrillic means but doubt it is complementary:)


13 thoughts on “Sneaky Swedes and grumpy Russians.

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    And that’s why I keep Google translate open :) In this case it’s a bit overwhelmed, but it is still useful for replies.

  2. A quick translate
    Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore хахаха свободен как мамонт в полете
    Mhaaa free as mammonth in flight

    Yura Amarr > жаль дизу не взял
    Pity, I’m forgot a dis

    Zloy Gop > ты не правельно пишиш им)
    You wrote not right

    Zloy Gop > надо так
    You need something like this

  3. Mr Spaxi says:

    With pirates everything is fair game, Johnny. I’m sure you would enjoy taking shots at me as much as I would blasting your boat. We’re all friends first and pirates second, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for one another. If we did, it would make Eve a sadder place to PvP in knowing I can’t fight a good PvPer.

    • ericshangpirate says:

      I would hope that both you and I would go for the stabber first and then each other. It is a code of Solo. Them then us. Seen many solo fights happen infront of me and not engaged the targets because of this.

      We solo pilots need to look out for each other in a way. I would have shot the stabber first because I know Johnny or you. Then ether gtfod or depending on my tank and heat damage would have enaged the other person.

      Crake must have just been like Shit! They landing next to me… They activatiing as well… Im going to die here! Shoot them!

      • Mr Spaxi says:

        That’s just it – there is no code. You will not know how the other person will react unless you’re in contact with them at that present time. Because if he does open fire on you while you’re going for the Stabber, you will die and then he will either gtfo or kill the Stabber. This can be avoided if you have flown with the person in question, like you and I have, but with other, true solo pilots – you can never be sure.

  4. Right Spaxi I’ll be sure to open up on you quick next time I see you:)

  5. @Mr Spaxi: Most of the pirates I know usually follow the so called “Bro Code”. It’s great when you’ve caught something that is too big and/or tanky for you to solo to at least take down the large beast before you try taking each other out. That way you both come out of it with a kill.

    The main problem with this arises in situations like the above. If I land as a lonely pilot on top of two Tuskers and a Stabber, I know that I’ll most probably get shot to pieces in my frig by someone. Since there is was no time for niceties in the above situation, I chose to shoot the squishiest thing first and work my way up the latter. In hindsight it would of course have been better for me to shoot the Stabber, but I did what I thought was best with the information at hand and would have done the same thing today. Usually there is time to convo each other before shit goes FUBAR though.

    All and all I think we all had a good time, although I’m sure we all would have preferred an exploding Stabber :D

    Ps: Can’t believe you left out your singing Johnny! I CAN’T BELIEVE ITOBORU!!!

  6. Pss: Give Red a plug for his blog. can’t find it :D

  7. Sarcos says:

    Always fun when 2 pirate groups land at the same time on the target, then start shooting each other, leaving some bewildered mission runner wondering wtf is going on in his mission.

  8. Bemir says:

    swedes are not sneaky
    we just kill things that show up in front of us
    stay out of sight mate ;)

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