Ever wanted to pvp like those guys in the videos?



Eve forums are absolutely full of new guys posting along the lines of “oh god I saw this video of some seriously epic dudes fighting outnumbered and winning, how do I do that?”. The short answer is that there is no quick way to become good at anything, and Eve especially is tricky to learn. You need to know about game mechanics, your own capabilities and more importantly the characteristics of around two hundred possible ships that you could be up against and this takes time and practice.

I have always said that the best way to learn this is to find some guys who can teach you, basically a good corp. I have trained up newbs in the past but it is time intensive and tiring although ultimately very rewarding and to put it bluntly there are nowhere near enough pilots both good enough and willing to put the hours in to train all the guys who want to learn.

There must therefore be some sort of self selection to put the keen newbs in touch with the potential trainers and those who are keen enough will find a mentor, at least one of the guys I trained are now better than I am which makes me absolutely delighted since I did a good job. For the next generation of enthusiastic new killers any resource which helps them get in touch with quality pvpers and steers them away from becoming nullsec blobmeisters can only be a good thing.

Quick shout out for a new channel “Microgang help“. This is run by some excellent small gang pvpers and will focus on taking out starry eyed newbs and helping to turn them into cold blooded murdering bastards. I have flown with some of them and I can guarantee you will learn a great deal.

So if you have seen one of the cool pvp vids going about and wondered if you could do that, follow this link and who knows, you could be out terrorising some corner of new eden shortly afterwards. I will be there at some point myself.


6 thoughts on “Ever wanted to pvp like those guys in the videos?

  1. Mr Spaxi says:

    I’ve been looking into getting newbies trained and worked with, and it might become a very realistic idea ever since the Meatshields was handed to me. I’m currently suffering from bitter-vet-burn-out disease, so I’m not investing enough time to work with people; however, this will be changing soon, and the Meatshields will be a complete training corporation for the Bastards, instead of entry corporation. It’s a very hard job, but seeing as I had taught a one month old who ended having more solo kills than some of the Bastards, it is very rewarding, indeed.
    I’ll take a look at this channel and see if i can extend any help. :)

  2. Yeah I burnt out doing it too mate, it’s bloody tiring huh? I think the best plan is to focus on getting the new guys to train each other as soon as you can.

    Glad you are in charge of the meats now bud, can’t think of anyone better.

  3. Mr Spaxi says:

    Aye, but the problem is you’ll have people who’re too proud to be taught by another Meatshield. Happened before. :/

    • Just drop some knowledge on their arses bud:)

    • ericshangpirate says:

      You can always tackle it from the:
      This is how a specific thing works like sling shot – show them what a sling shot is and when to use it. Now try it with another meatshield. Then they can go try it and then ask questions if they have any or ask them what they have learned. Did they try MWD vs AB. Did they try at all?

      The people who went out and did it are the true pvp people. They like you and I. We went out looking for pvp, trying stuff and asking questions. The others are wanting to be spoon fed and have to be trained differently.

      You then know who your future leaders and FC’s are and then get them matched up. They will in a way push each other. Give them a goal like I did with you. Here is 10 frigates. Get 1 solo by the end of the 10 ships.

      It pushes them into trying solo and even if they don’t get any solo kill ask them what each engagement had taught them. As long as they learned something from a loss it’s a win.

      The other guys you will need to work with a bit more and you can then see who really wants to be there for PVP or who is there just for coat tail hugging. Don’t want that in a PVP Corp.

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