Back from the dead.


Crake and Red

If you biomass your character it goes into a corp called “Doomheim” and if you ask CCP nicely they will resurrect him back for you. Two friends did this some months ago in order to concentrate more on work and other things and when you do it all your stuff gets dumped into the corp hangar of the station you were in.

Crake Gaterau and Redberret both did this so I put their stuff to one side in case they decided to come back, and they both have, within a few days of each other which is bloody great news for us as they are both good blokes and seriously lethal pilots. Both should now have their stuff back and I’m looking forward to exploding stuff with them as soon as Red shakes off the rust and works out what’s changed in the last few months.

Welcome back lads.


3 thoughts on “Back from the dead.

  1. redberret says:

    Since we are talking about rust… I’m still rusty!

    Damn that 440 mil hurt! :D

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