So much complaining about “trollceptors”


Oh noes, it goes fast

There has been a great deal of whining concerned debate about the new sov changes which mostly revolve around the argument that a speedy ceptor can threaten the established nullsec territories and is “impossible to catch”.

The entosis module as currently planned means you can’t receive reps or warp, so you are basically¬†tackling yourself, in addition if you sacrifice enough slots to make a ceptor lock to 200km then it’s combat viability is essentially zero. If your multi thousand man sov holding entity cannot work out a way to kill or drive off a helpless, tackled frigate with a few thousand ehp then perhaps you don’t deserve that sov in the first place.

As far as I am concerned this is a complete non-issue and boils down to the nullsec way of thinking which is centred around one FC leading a huge blob of F1 bashers. The new system will have running fights in multiple systems requiring several FCs and smaller fleets, there will be many more places to make a mistake (on gates, warpins etc) and so many more opportunities for good pilots to beat bad ones.

This is a very good thing, more people learning to lead, scout and all the other things that make you not bad. Fundamental change will be required to transition from “everyone shoot the TCU” to flag cap mechanics across the whole constellation – adapt or die. Actual pilot skill may yet come to be prized in nullsec instead of just recruiting more sheep than the next guy..


3 thoughts on “So much complaining about “trollceptors”

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    I think the concern is the other way around: that small alliances could be easily overwhelmed by trollceptor fleets coming from the multi-thousand man coalitions. I think it’s a plausible scenario at first glance, but I lack the knowledge to say for sure.

  2. Me too tbh, although anything that makes you defend what you have is good. Perhaps CCP are designing this as a factor which limits how much space you can hold?

  3. Veetor says:

    I totally agree with this post and approve it

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