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One of our guys is friends with a really active corp who train up newbs and take them into the biggest fights they can find – it sounds pretty fun and I’m definitely going to go for a ride with them one day soon.

A few weeks ago when they found out one of our POSes was being hit they offered to come and help, I was more than happy to accept since all I was going to do was posgun as many of the ishtar blobs’ expensive faction drones as I could and then leave – the tower had paid for itself many times over and we didn’t have any guys on to defend it. Structure shit is not really our thing either.

They turned up in talwars and had a brave go at the ishtar blob but got forced off pretty quickly, regardless of the outcome I liked their style and got chatting to them and it turns out that they have been challenging high profile pvpers to 5v5 competitions just for the practice. Apparently they fought Rooks and Kings and I didn’t ask the result but presume it was pretty one sided.

So Red asked if the Tuskers would be up for doing the same and I said yes of course – anytime. Last night was the showdown and we agreed to fly t1/meta fits to balance things up a bit. We had some last minute rushes to get ammo because I suck at logistics but eventually we had 5 vexors for Hounds and 3 thorax/2 celestis for Tuskers facing off on grid.

3,2,1 Go and good luck.

First blood went to the Hounds as one of the Tuskers celestis went in too close and got hard tackled (this was my fault as I hadn’t made sure the celestis got long range ammo and it only had antimatter loaded). After that it was clear that the shield Tusker fleet could outrange the armour Hounds and so a period of drone killing followed with a lot of kiting and positioning.

It took some time for the t1 rail fit thoraxes to down drones and then slowly start working on the vexors, I cant remember the exact order of things but it was a pretty bloody close battle that went on for 40 minutes with capacitor problems for both sides and mwds on the verge of burnout. At several points I thought the Hounds might win it but some solid piloting from our guys kept them in the game and the final score stood at 5-3 Tuskers which does not reflect how close the fight was.

Everyone was pretty tired by the end but all agreed it was great fun, I have a fraps file (140Gig) of the fight with both teams comms on it and I’ll post it as soon as I can find some software to compress it (can anyone recommend an easy to use free program?).

Many thanks to both teams for turning up and having a good laugh.


12 thoughts on “Tuskers vs Hounds

  1. Red says:

    Thanks for the fight, Tuskers are the best for able to take fair fight. Their piloting skills are next level. We just got lucky on the start, our guys had the best fight of their eve time and its kinda big thing for us able to get this chance to fight the best.We wanna do our pvp on hard lvl, but fighting Tuskers is kinda god mode. In 5vs5 fights you really need to try to find out mistakes the opponent does. Even the fight did last 40-50min Tuskers did very few mistakes on their piloting. We had alot more ehp in our ship reason why we lasted long as we did. Plus the damp war crazy and drone micro manage was in next level. While Tuskers clearly had plan to take one of us apart by burning out of our ball and we trying to stay together those long minutes for inexperienced pilots started show. We were all 50-80km from each other trying to command fleet to approach fc but then no one had cap, list of burned out modules was starting to giving heavy favor for Tuskers. Picking up drones where ships died, trying to call our members to launch and pull drones, it felt like having to fc 100vs100 match, trying to micro manage every aspect of fight.

    Start of the match we were pretty sure we can do this. After first Celestis went down we had achieved our goal, take 1 Tusker down!!! :D It was heavy trade tho because we lost all our centries. After that both fleets were trying to keep range and damping each other from 50km. At this moment our guys was under heavy adrenaline spike. If some would light up cyno in the system i think half of our fleet would passed out because stress. Red’s voice and hard training for our new pilots came to show when they started to do how i said, we managed to get our tiny ball together and start hunting those mistakes.

    Our tactic was simple try to heat mwd / scram to get hard tackle then we go for kill.
    Try to have 2 vexors damp each 1 celestis ( which we failed to do because their other celestic pilot was very very good and smart. He got damped and he burned out of our lock range having superior range for locking this one of they reason’s why we lost not able to force thoraxes close or celestis to fight as we had hoped.) So the fight went in to crazy mode where thoraxes were kiting our scram range 30km and our vexors trying to rush to tackle one shooting drones and manage cap,damps for 30mins. We managed to get 2 more hard tackle and we did kill 2 more thoraxes only because we had just that inch more cap that time.

    After rest of the Tuskers manage to kite us and slowly burn our armor down and we were trying to decide how to catch them but there was no way. If we would brought rails we would Probably done better, i felt only because we managed to kill the first celestis so quickly we didn’t get raped straight away.

    I hope Tuskers enjoyed as much we did.

    Hounds Ceo- Redpainhawk
    Special thanks for Tehebil derping his celestis on start and not making us look horrible xD

    Ps. This is not fake post thos who think it must be fake becose red didint missspell every other word, i used google.com to make sure 90% words wuold be atleast right to show respect to Tuskers, becose theyr awesome and earned our respect. !

    • Ithica Hawk says:

      Sounds like epic fun. If you’re interested in doing something similar with The Bastards give me a poke in game. Would be a great laugh. I’ll even throw in a set of faction frigates for the winning team :)

      Inb4 inaugural Lowsec Pirates League

  2. Mr Spaxi says:

    I’m not even mad, that is amazing! I’m glad there are other corporations out there who are willing to take the fight to the big boys and try to improve their PvP. Hat off for Hounds and for Johnny for arranging this. o/

  3. vihlajndra says:

    Until then you guys are more then welcome to watch our video of the fight. Was a really awesome fight, thanks again for the opportunity!

  4. I’m struggling to find an easy to use program to compress the footage, what do you guys use?

  5. Looked like a fun fight. Would love to see your perspective as well. I’ve had some success using Lightworks for video editing. It’s free and not too hard to learn. Not sure about compression.

  6. Kimpu says:

    I use “Handbrake” to compress and convert videofiles. 30 second fraps files with audio and 1900×1080 resolution and full quality ingame at 640mb are converted to 17mb .mkv files.

    Good going Hounds, looking forward to seeing more of you :)

  7. […] I’ve just finished reading a post by Johnny Twelvebore over at his blog where The Tuskers take on an agreed 5vs5 fight against the Hound of Haides. Go […]

  8. ericshangpirate says:

    Use Hadbrake. Its free and its easy to use.

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