They look pretty cool huh?

To be honest pve content and background lore really doesn’t bother me one way or another, my only question is what shinies it will drop to swell my space wallet.

Given the reports of rather decent weaponry and various videos of marauders being alphaed I’m guessing they will have to drop something worthwhile, more on that later but first how do you kill them?

Everyone seems to be moaning because an overpimped carebear chariot cannot dispose of one of these things and that is because they are blinkered morons, I’m sure people will come up with various blingy fits that can tank them fine but if I found one then I’d probably kill it with a fleet of smaller ships. Half a dozen Enyos put out more dps than a marauder, will not be hit once by Battleship sized weapons and when you do inevitably loose one its only 30M, job done.

So what’s in them?

It’ll be the bits to build stargates – you heard it here first..

EDIT: I managed to persuade three guys to have a bash at one in high dps frigs – turns out they track them fine although I’m still sticking to my guns and saying we’d have been ok if we got more webs on:)


One thought on “Drifters

  1. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Me and a few corpies had a go at one of them in a couple of t1 thingies. Vexor, harby, caracal, osprey and ecm/damp blackbird.

    Took maybe 5 seconds to deplete primary shield, quick ecm and then he blapped the vexor (me), another 5-10s later and he was dead. No other losses.
    Been hilarious to see all the blingy losses for something that drops about 1m in salvage :D

    He dropped no loot and salvage was about 1mil in sleeper salvage.

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