Jumpstart academy free-for-all


Last night Veetro Nara and the guys at Jumpstart Academy ran a frigate FFA in Ouelletta, here is the info if you’d like to read about it.

These things are basically a chance for newbs to jump into thousands of pre fitted cheap ships and go nuts at top belt without having to worry about logistics or ISK and they are great fun. This one also had quite a lot of prizes to be won for top kills, best haircut etc. The prevailing opinion amongst most of the low sec community is that you should join in with the cheapo ships to have laugh shooting your mates and not turn up in linked hard counters working as a fleet to farm newbs.

However this is lowsec and there are no rules bar those you can enforce so there are always a few groups of people who turn up in things like flycatchers with links. Yesterday was no exception and we had a couple of small fleets of lml kessies which could alpha most of the free ships pretty quickly. The Jumpstart guys responded by getting most of the decent blokes (and a few inevitable characters from the linked fleet) onto comms and then all going for them.

It started slowly but eventually they came up with the tactic of getting into a plex and then scramming the kessies when they came in which worked not too badly, in the intervening time we all shot at each other and had a blast.

This continued until the highlight of the event which was a carrier undocking and being set upon by the frigs, it was actually as low as about half armour once but the kessies kept coming in and having to be driven off during which time the carrier repped up again, all good fun though.

At this point some geniuses decided to drop a deimos and tengu on grid, I was content to ignore them as they were 200km off but someone decided to go for them and as there were hundreds of wrecks about we just organised the entire fleet to warp to a close wreck and blam, dead deimos and tengu, I chuckled.

The same thing happened very shortly afterwards with a curse and harbinger. Quick tip, if you want to crash a frig fest, HACs, recons and battlecruisers are all remarkably bad choices.

In the end it was getting late and as numbers had dwindled from tiredness and the few inevitable poddings it was decided to save the remaining ships and prizes for another time, and as of me writing this I think the plan is to kick off again at the same place, same time Sat 14th so head down in a cheap pod if you fancy a good laugh.

Big thanks to all the organisers, fitting up 4500 ships is not a job to be envied and a lot of people had a really good time.


One thought on “Jumpstart academy free-for-all

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks it was really good fun!

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