Next CSM dudes


Trustworthy mugshot

CSM is not normally something I give a shit about, the big blocs vote en-masse for their particular dude and a few other guys scrape in as far as I can work out.

This honest looking character is apparently throwing his hat into the ring for the next one however and I will be voting for the bugger because he is a bloody (evil) genius.

Trinket’s Friend is the dude who took pity on me as a four day old newb, dragged me into a wormhole and taught me about the soft dark underbelly of the game, I cluelessly followed around a corp called Sudden Buggery blindly shooting everything that moved (and earning multiple medals for taking gate guns in a punisher) got involved in some hilarious can flipping debacles and generally had a blast at the point in the game where standard advice would have you running L1 missions in highsec.

He still does this, taking newbs and spending the time to turn them into murdering bastards, something which I have done too and while it is rewarding it is bloody hard work, it is also absolutely essential to grab a section of the new player base and steer them clear of highsec boredom (and inevitably unsubbing) or the nullsec doughnut which turns them into mindless epsilon minus semi-morons grinding structures for the man.

His writing is well informed and always entertaining, read this and vote for him if you agree.


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