Sisi fight club testing

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If you ever wondered what the theoretical skill point maximum is – there you go 501,378,560 is the answer. I know this because we were testing on sisi last night with some all L5 characters that CCP made for the event coming up in Nottingham. There will be a pvp tournament there and you can win yourself a malice (amongst other things) LINKY

Anyway we got these characters and started poking about to see what they had, concord 5 and all jove ships at 5 looked pretty cool but we could not find a concord or jove ship anywhere (and I expect would have got in trouble if we had) so we set to work testing the various fits for the tournament.

The first thing I noticed was that using a standard out of the box interface with none of your keybindings and the overview in basic mode is like trying to swim through treacle, it is impossible and this must be what new players run up against the first time they pvp – I’m not surprised people quit thinking the game is terrible. My overview and keys have been refined over the years to something that works for me and it was hilarious going back to the old ways of doing things, I had to ask what half the keys were:)

So we fitted up our first set of ships and went out, I’m not going to reveal the rules or fits in case I get in trouble for giving away stuff but we had a series of good fun fights making sure no fit was too overpowered. One or two were deemed a bit too tough and were toned down. We had a few whitewashes and a few really close nailbiters with the last one coming down to my frig trying to finish off a cruiser, I popped with the cruiser in the tiniest sliver of hull. Of course hindsight is fantastic and if I had not spent so damn long killing the frig we would have won but that’s what sisi is for, learning without painful losses.

It was getting late by now so I logged off to let someone else have a go but I really recommend Sisi, it is a great resource that doesn’t get used enough.

ExeFile 2015-01-31 20-23-39-69

Jove Battleship 5:)


One thought on “Sisi fight club testing

  1. ericshangpirate says:

    problem with sisi is your skills are worse then the actual server. If we had all lvl 5 then hell yah!

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