Corporations, an idea.


(I googled “eve corporation” for an image, this came up, no-one has complained yet)

OK enough ogling the girl in the bikini and back to space nerdery. Corps are the backbone of EVE, the coagulative medium which binds pilots together to one cause or another. Any one of you can name a dozen corps relevant to your way of playing the game and you will know their weaknesses, strengths, and foibles. They are one of the most important concepts in the game.

I wont start on the interface (which is tiring) but simply the lack of good names left. I had a flippin’ amazing idea for a name for a new corp (more on that later) in bed last night and unusually remembered it in the morning so I checked it in game and of course it is taken and is a one man corp belonging to a guy who probably hasn’t logged on in years (seriously it was an epic idea).

I have sent the guy a mail but don’t expect anything to come of it.

Recently CCP freed up some old names of characters who never went past trial and that was a great move, perhaps something similar could be done with corps to free up all those great names which are sat rotting and doing nothing. A small corp maintenance fee for instance or simply disbanding one man corps who have not logged on in over a year?

This would allow people do actually do something with the name, create communities and content with their chosen flavour and not have to add dots, x’s and all the other nonsense you see floating about – it makes a big difference.


6 thoughts on “Corporations, an idea.

  1. Mr Spaxi says:

    Stop trying to train people, they turn out terrible. :p

  2. Yeah it’s unlikely to happen, shame cos I had such a killer idea..:)

  3. Hmm. Register corp and character names, put in bio that they are for sale for isk. Just like those domain name hijacking parasites.

  4. ericshangpirate says:

    Well you should just have a corporation yearly audit.

    When the corporation turns 1 year old every year you get a mail and it states to please show you are active by clicking a button. If no click happens in 30 days the corporation gets closed and all assets get seized by the state.

    It forces players who will not be playing anymore or on a break to close corporation or lose all their belongings in corporation hangar being lost forever.

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