Been away a bit..


I have been arsing about in nullsec with the Yarr guys for a while so it was time to get back to reality in lowsec and see if I can remember how to do small gang stuff. Androx and I went out in t1 cruisers and saw a confessor in a plex. I was pretty sure I knew who the pilot was and the convo went like this:

“You got a long point?”

“Nah, short, you?”

“Bugger he is going to be kitey huh”

“Fuckit, Yolo – last one in is a girl”

So I warped in my ab scram exequror and lo and behold the bugger was at zero which was an unexpected surprise, point, web, bam and the game is on. He tanked me easily but I expected him to melt when Androx got in with a second and third web – this however did not happen and he was repping like hell while my dual rep tank was just about holding without having to heat. We settled in for the long haul guessing he would run out of cap eventually and spamming short scan for the expected backup. A tristan came in to whore on the mail then buggered off to 30km while we kept hammering the Confessor.

I don’t know if it was our syncronised overload or just his cap failing but he slowly started loosing chunks of hull and then suddenly exploded into a rather juicy killmail.

He was pretty chill about it in local and the tristan pilot got some friendly abuse for the killmail whoring, also 100M in loot so not a bad start..


One thought on “Been away a bit..

  1. ericshangpirate says:

    Its the Killer Tristan that did it. He would have tanked you both if it was not for that Tristan over power drone skills.

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