R3PO, Outer Passage and a lot of angry Russians – the full story


Make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee and get ready for a pretty awesome story of what Phoebe can allow you to do with a few guys, a bit of skill and a huge pile of stubborn tenacity.

A few weeks ago a small corp called Yarrdy Yarr Yarrr (good name huh?) were mucking about in lowsec and decided to RF a few cadmium moons belonging to Shadow of Death for lolsies and fights. The fights happened and somehow about 12 guys managed to start taking strategic assets from a many thousands strong alliance. Fast forward a week or so and the big alliances are cutting deals with these guys to leave their moons alone.

Many people would have been happy with this and sat back and let the cadmium roll in having secured a nice little income but not these guys.

“Fuck it lads, if we can do it here we can do it anywhere – let’s go to null”

Bags were packed, maps randomly pointed at and before you know it a system out in outer passage called R3PO-Z had a POS full of marauding bastards in it and the local renters were feeling the pain. This system had been deadzoned by PL about 18 months ago and was apparently full of trillions of solar fleet assets, solar’s enemies, legion of death, now owned the area and their renters shadow of death lived there.

These renters started having a very bad time, Yarr put countless ratting ships to the sword including a pair of 2Bn Rattlesnakes within 10 minutes of each other and were particularly happy about bagging a Nyx which was assigning fighters to a gatecamp (many thanks to Triumvirate for the batphone on that one).

Gradually Yarr started taking valuable moons and every time the renters turned up to defend them, were fought into the ground by about a tenth of their numbers. Then Legion started coming with 50-80 man fleets and got the same treatment. Yarr inflicted solid losses but could not stop these guys reinforcing moons so simply altered the stront for a bad final time for Russian timezones and repped them back up again.

People get tired of having to jump 30 gates each way to be sniped and ambushed by very good pilots and then bash (or rep) a tower. Every time they came stragglers were picked off at gates, links ships were probed and murdered and generally they had a bloody hard time of it, fortunately Russians are a tough and stubborn race too. Yarr were having an absolute blast and their comms has been a great deal of fun over the last few weeks.

Somehow during all of this someone worked out how to use SBU’s and the station got hit and went through a few timers, heroic outnumbered fights eight or ten to one kept them going forward and somehow the station fell. Yarr now had a very useful place to repair dozens of knackered mods and drones.

SBUs and TCUs and other things I don’t understand were placed, shot, repped and polished and suddenly Yarr were one hour from owning the sov in the system, the TCU was one hour from onlining outside Yarr’s deathstar POS when a big fleet was spotted about five jumps out. Luckily said fleet hit drag bubbles on every single gate but got there with about forty minutes to go.

On the legion side there were about a hundred man ishtar and scimi fleet with a bloody Nyx and Aeon facing three stalwart Yarr in a POS with some bombers and a couple of carriers for hero reps.

The fight kicked off about 15 minutes before downtime and Yarr had some early successes volleying logi with the POS guns but then very quickly had to switch to blapping fighter bombers and drones, it was a race – if Legion could drop the TCU before it onlined then they would prevent Yarr getting sov but if Yarr could hold it up for forty minutes against a pretty enormous shitstorm of damage then they would have taken the system.

By the time downtime arrived the TCU was in low shields and everyone got a break. As soon as the servers came back up again it was game on again, Yarr neuting logi then blapping it then switching to ishtar drones then fighter-bombers. A lot of drones went down and slowly the dps dropped but with about ten minutes to go it was clear that the TCU wasn’t going to make it.

“Right, time to yolo in the carriers” one non triage thanny (that a renter kindly ejected out of a few days earlier) went out and started repping the TCU and quickly got the attention of the supercaps so a second triage archon had to go out and rep it. All this bought time for the TCU and somehow reps just about held on the caps, eventually Legion did the right thing and bumped the triaged Archon back into the shields so it could not rep the TCU or thanny.

With the TCU in very low armour, both carriers in flames and with almost melted reppers the TCU came online and with it sov for Yarr. A very pissed off Legion fleet promptly went round the system reinforcing everything they could and then bailed.

Which leads us to last night’s epic showdown in R3PO, the station was on it’s final timer (yet again) and by now people were noticing what had gone on, especially Solar who would be very keen to get their stuff out of the station.

Local peaked at over 600 as Legion and Solar kicked off, Pizza were there with bombers and I think Tri may have made an appearance too. Legion lost and Yarr still stand tall (for now).

So that is the proper story of Yarr, the alliance Galaxy Rangers (with the tag PESKY) was made on the spot when it was realised you can’t take sov without one:) So far this has only been reported on once at evenews and the article was awful, simply two copied quotes from a reddit post – I thought the Yarr blokes deserved a decent writeup.


5 thoughts on “R3PO, Outer Passage and a lot of angry Russians – the full story

  1. Alek Azam says:

    Awesome write up. I kept seeing lots of stuff on Twitter, but as you say very little reported on the Big Two Eve news sites.

    Three cheers for the little guy \o/

    p.s. can lowsec guys dock there? would be nice if they opened it up for people to roam from :)

  2. Arkentantix CarpeNoctem says:

    Yea fab write up and Grats to the lads for such a stellar effort…
    Love reading about smaller gangs winning at EVE…

  3. Nizmogtr says:

    Excellent Storytelling!

  4. I love how people all over are proving that small determinated gangs will win over huge bored gangs of peons forced into CTA’s.
    In real life armies can’t win from guerilla warriors either.

  5. ericshangpirate says:

    lol. love that. dont piss in the cereal of a small gang if they highly tuned killers.

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