Sleepers in k space, (nearly) invisible stations, what’s it all about?


All this new stuff is quite cool, I don’t understand a damn word of it and am almost completely uninterested but still it is nice to have some new things in the game.

Basically I don’t care about back story – my character is Amarr but I fly all the ships as required and although the new lighting is very pretty (good job CCP) when I am fighting I am always scrolled way out so that my ship is invisible and other ships are red or grey squares.

I am interested in two things:

1. If it is not a player and I blow it up, can I make money from it it in order to buy more ships to explode players with. Having blasted a few of the new lowsec sleepers and salvaged them for only metal scraps I am now completely ignoring them.

2. Will these new changes give me more options and offensive capabilities to use against other capsuleers.

Let’s see what happens, I am reading many of the threads written by people who pay much more attention to “lore” than I do and am having a hard time distinguishing facts from tinfoil-hattery.


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