An idea, the black box flight recorder.

Black box flight recorder

(they are orange, who knew?)

As usual this one came to me in the bath. How about an item which costs almost nothing to make (say one trit) and sits in your cargo hold recording what goes on (your combat log for instance) and here’s the good bit – will always drop when your ship blows up.

Think about it, each one would tell a story of the various owners it had, what happened to them and who then picked it up and flew with it. perhaps you could even tell it what to record, if you didn’t want a record of systems jumped then it could not record that. Imagine a year or so of having these in the game, there would be some permanent record of epic fights, duels, mistakes, and triumphs.

Thinking about it a little more perhaps a similar item could be configured to convey a title, so I can name myself “king of hevrice” or whatever and remain so until someone blows me up and takes my title?

I know nothing about computers so have no idea if this is even possible but wouldn’t it be cool..



2 thoughts on “An idea, the black box flight recorder.

  1. Alek Azam says:

    …and then 500 people jump into system with 500 other people and Eve dies..

    Could be an interesting side piece I guess, but not sure how many would use it outside of first introduction shiny.

  2. hamseen says:

    It’s a brilliant idea, except for the issue that I can’t imagine any null alliances would be okay with using them. It gives the opportunity to gather more data about the enemy, that’s not brilliant. I’m aware that there is a lot more to eve than null, but it’s a pretty big part.

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