Archon down..

- Bei Artjay is an ex-tusker, member of the glorious 2014 AT team, and all round top pirate so when he suggested taking a dozen or so guys in blinged out pirate cruisers to nullsec I jumped at it. Being a cheapskate I took the Interdictor and off we went (although I nearly missed it cos I’m bad and late).

The plan was to bait the various large null entities into dropping us then fight outnumbered to hell, and drop as many as possible before we either went down or zoidberged out (depending on how Bei was feeling).

What happened was initially a big fat nothing, we killed various things on gates to announce our arrival and stir them up a bit, a few frigs, a pilgrim, a gila, and some others I don’t remember but no fleet came looking for us. Hmm, how can we stir up a fight? Someone came up with the idea of heading over to the goon staging system, “there’s hundreds of the buggers there – surely some will fight” so off we went – about 15 guys into a heavily populated sov null system.

Luckily some unfortunate sod in an Archon was on gate so we pointed it and got some stop bubbles ready to engage the rescuers, we waited, and waited, thinking all hell was about to break loose and that we would get a really good scrap as they came to save their mate but nothing arrived and we got bored so we unloaded on the hapless carrier who was reduced to a smouldering wreck pretty quickly.

I took a quick break from my bubble duties to whore on the mail but literally no-one gave a toss that this guy went down, it was a bit anticlimactic really. A few inties and a dram warped into our bubbles and were smoked in seconds but that was it.

By now it was getting late and we were tired so headed home but not without bagging an ishtar on the way.

The last fight was some poor schlub in a Thrasher caught ratting, a few guys wanted to let him go but most were of the opinion he should die and while we were discussing it there was a strange malfunction in my gun triggers that resulted in his ship and pod exploding, can’t explain it.. While we didn’t get the huge fight we wanted it was still a good laugh on comms and a carrier kill is a carrier kill, it’s still good to be a pirate..

Here’s some video of the carrier going down and us being rather confused that no-one turned up:


2 thoughts on “Archon down..

  1. Brink Albosa says:

    Nice kill!! Crazy!!

  2. Bad. says:

    ‘some guys wanted to let him go’
    So, you did the ONLY reasonable thing, and booted them for being pussies/spies/hippies, right? I mean wtf. “lets go pvp. oh, he’s just in a thrasher, no need for him to learn to be aware of locals or hostile reports.” Letting the guy live would have cost him a valuable lesson.

    Otherwise, sounds like a successful op. Some less goons.

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