Bowhead on Sisi

Because I am sad I was playing with the bowhead on sisi, I am trying to work out if they would be good for hauling all my crap around highsec to get to new and interesting places to shoot people.

The fit I tried was EM Ward, Invul and 100mn MWD in the mediums and DC/Bulkheads in the lows with bulkhead rigs.

It aligned off gate in one cycle of the MWD and was not so slow that I wouldn’t bring it into lowsec suitably scouted while the tank came in at 404K EHp with T1 rigs and 448 with T2 (which would be very expensive).


Jury is still out on whether to get one, I think they are going to be gank magnets..


2 thoughts on “Bowhead on Sisi

  1. NoobFixer says:

    Why are you armour rigging?
    The ship is shield tanked.
    The ship has more EHP total in shield.

    • Structure Tank Best Tank says:

      No, the ship has more EHP in structure.

      The rigs are Transverse Bulkhead I – 20% bonus to Structure HP, -10% to cargo capacity (reduced by Armor Rigging skill)

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