A couple of days ago I made such a bad mistake I had to head off in shame to the local market hub and buy some guys replacement ships, I have never felt so guilty about leading my corpies to their doom before and was pretty annoyed at the time. We are all laughing about it now though.

I spotted a Bhaalgorn on scan and found it at a faction  POS which was being taken down, eager to capitalise on this I got a few guys together and made a plan to melt the shiny battleship and loot the very expensive tower and mods. Ships were assembled and in we went. A hawk on grid died almost immediately and we settled in to kill the Bhaalgorn when suddenly we started taking damage, a lot of damage, more than one Bhaal could do.

At this point it dawned on me suddenly that although the forcefield was down, everything was online and the tower had us pointed with 150km points while the guns were hammering us down.



We lost two ishtars and a worm for one hawk killed and I should have noticed the bloody “online” text next to the mods but the bloodlust was in me and all I saw was shiny loot.

It doesn’t always go well:)


3 thoughts on “D’OH!

  1. Brink Albosa says:

    haha well done! :D

    invite me along next time

  2. Ithica Hawk says:

    Similar to charging a Curse in a bunch of cap dependant frigs :p

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