Back to good old fights..


Bosboger is where some of us are based at the moment and I love it, a little bit blobby but nothing we can’t handle and once you know the worst culprits you stay clear or have a plan. Dana and I were mucking about in a torm and breacher last night and spotted an Algos and a Wolf so thought “bugger it – who dares wins”.

Overload all the things and yolo in was the plan – so in we went to find them joined by a rifter and a bomber too, this extra information did not dull our enthusiasm and we got stuck into the Algos as hard as we could. Luckily he went down quite quickly and Dana copped most of the damage, after that we had the bomber tackled but figured he would be doing little damage so dropped the rifter, at this point Dana’s mods are getting a bit hot and the damage is taking its toll so about this stage he went down heroically leaving me to deal with a bomber and wolf. I went for the wolf but he tanked so I quickly sorted out the bomber and then went back to him. After a long drawn out fight with my mods melting the bugger finally drops leaving the score at 4-1 Tuskers.

Best of all I scooped all the loot which more than paid for Dana’s ship, best fight in ages:)


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