Some small requests from CCP

This is my short list of little things that would improve the game for me, I doubt any of them would take much work so fingers crossed and hope someone at CCP reads this:

  • Personal hangar divisions, corps get them and containers are a pain.
  • When you hit browse on your fittings, make it pop up on the tab for the ship you are sitting in.
  • Chat window settings, at present every time I open one I have to get rid of portraits and then make member list compact, it would be better if we could set a default.
  • Trade window position always comes up in the middle of the screen and its annoying, would be good if it could remember where it was last time.
  • The undock warning when I have aggression happens nearly every time I undock, please add a tick box to suppress it like many other warnings.
  • A shortcut button to start your probes scanning so the mouse can stay with the probes for moving them.
  • Make the arrows for moving probes 3D not 2D (cylindrical) so they can always be clicked on to drag, at present trying to click on them from side on is a very narrow target and tricky.
  • Bigger close window X in top right corner on windows, its small and tricky to find.
  • The cloak active effect on the cloak module is a bit vague esp in some Minmatar systems, can it be made more obvious.

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