Voice activation live on Sisi


Hopefully due for release with Rhea in December is an opt-in feature called voice control. The actual commands are configurable but as default will be:

“Warpwarpwarpohshit” – warps your pod to the nearest celestial

“Ah crap this is gonna hurt” – overloads your repper and hardeners

“Ouch” – activates repper mod

“Whore on killmail” – ungroups all your guns and targets random nearby ships

“Follow Sulei” – keep at range on your fc allowing you to kite like a pro

“Get the loot quick!” – overloads prop mod and burns for the juiciest wreck

Test it out and see what you think..


One thought on “Voice activation live on Sisi

  1. Remember to use push~to~talk otherwise TS will echo nothing but ‘Get to tha Loot, quickly’.

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