I’m not as much of a genius as Bendy..


These little things were what I was after (and some fights) so after scanning a hole through to Delve I luckily landed right next door to three systems of ratters all with ESS loot pinatas. I took an inty and headed to the first one, warped to the ESS and the message spams up in local “Johnny Twelvebore is stealing your shit” or something to that effect. To my great surprise a carrier warps into the bubble and drops Garde 1s.

Holy crap wish I’d brought more ammo goes through my head – I bet I could tank those all day but I got out not wanting to mess up on the first attempt and tried the other systems. Very quickly I had 100M in tags so headed back to the Orca to stash them.

Over the next few days I went back several times and the same thing happened, except that the first system had moved theirs to the middle of an anom and it was therefore guarded by about a billion rats (why they tolerated something which encourages players to shoot them is beyond me).

Crake, Devas and I did a little roaming while we were out there and got a few kills then Crake lost his inty fighting a Navy Omen, Loki and Mach although he pretty heroically got the Nomen.

I bagged a slicer and pod on one of the ESS’s then zoidberged out as the heavy metal arrived but he got his own back the next day with a comet that did the number on my inty. It was close but I hesitated and he won the dps race.

All in all very worthwhile – made about 150M in a few days and lost one inty. I would have stayed longer but I needed my alt to move some stuff in highsec so had to probe the Orca out through a particularly scary route involving outer ring and several jumps through low.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this one..


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