(Not so) grand theft moongoo


The last week or so has seen me diverted by a little side project – I scanned down some moongoo siphons and decided to see what was in them as I was bored. For those of you who don’t know what these are they are one shot deployables you dump outside a moon mining pos which steal much of the stuff it is mining. Anyone can empty them but the POS guns won’t automatically blow them up.

I was quite happily surprised by what I found and decided to scan a few more in the surrounding systems, with an hours work I had found about ten of them in four contiguous systems and started making a twice daily run round them in a specially fitted hauler. This was netting me about 40M per run for 5 minutes work which doesn’t sound much but it adds up and is no effort. I would very much recommend this to new players and have summarised a few pointers to get you started.

Firstly you have to know the area, dotlan can tell you which moons have the valuable stuff on so put the siphons there for starters. In addition some corps watch their moons closely and will blow your siphon up daily, others will not notice it and it will run for the full 30 days. Trial and error will show you the careless corps so don’t worry if half of your siphons get blown up straight off, concentrate on the others. As long as you don’t put your siphon on a crappy moon, it should pay for itself inside 24 hours anyway.

Find yourself a nice route, ideally a circle away from popular gatecamp places (what is with all the fucking gatecamps these days anyway?) and run it once or twice a day depending on how keen you are.

Fit out a cheap t1 hauler with shield tank, hardeners specific to the guns you encounter, inertia stabs, warp core stabs and agility rigs. My Wreathe warps off gate like a frigate and can tank guns long enough to scoop the goodies.

That’s about it – obviously the owners will eventually notice your siphon at which point I suggest leaving it alone for a week or so then starting again.

The huge advantage to this is that it requires no skills beyond the ability to fly a T1 hauler although it is easier to drop the siphons off in a covops to start with (especially if it has guns) and the payouts are well worth it for newer players. You also get the satisfaction of having stolen stuff from the big alliances who own the moons:)


2 thoughts on “(Not so) grand theft moongoo

  1. Alek Azam says:

    I fully endorse this! I am also glad you have moved back to The Tuskers and are no longer doing this on my patch :)

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