Waltzing matilda and the sex duck

worldoftanks 2014-10-21 13-51-05-64

So I have been playing a bit of world of tanks with a mate, we are grinding some low level tanks and having a good laugh. The tank in the foreground is some French piece of crap which I am levelling up very much against my principles (it is French after all) because the next one is hilariously small and fast. This one however is glacially slow and I thought it looked like some sort of sex toy, Androx thought it looked like a duck so it was christened the sex duck.. His is a British tank called a matilda, hence the title.

OK back to EVE, siphons are great – I have bookmarked all the siphons in a small radius of where I live and fitted up a nanoed, stabbed hauler to go round and empty them all. This is a great income for new guys, you need almost no skills to dscan down the siphons then warp in, grab the stuff, and leg it quick before the tower starts blapping you (although many have no guns). Do it now – it is actually fun to do, quick and easy and you can feel good about having robbed some valuable stuff from the big guys.


3 thoughts on “Waltzing matilda and the sex duck

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  2. Flying throught Genesis low sec I noticed quite a few siphons on dscan. Didn’t even occur to me that anyone can empty these. Might not be a bad idea to get some cheap moongoo this way.

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