A good day (about 5Bn worth)


Today was pretty good, started off with the aussies over in Ostingele and we went out for an rr punisher roam. These are always bloody hilarious as it’s a semi public roam and so not everyone had done rr before but we did pretty damn well. The highlight of the whole day was one of our first kills – a 2.5Billion PVE fit Barghest. You dont see many of those kicking about, a hurricane had noticed him too and arrived about the same time we did so we blapped him too. The loot fairy was pretty decent to us and we scooped a healthy chunk of ISK.

That roam carried on for a while afterwards and ended up yoloing into another hurricane and some cruisers, we burned down the cane but had arrived slightly scrappily and not together and their kiting caracals got the better of us – it was a bloody good fight though and everyone had a good laugh – those 8M frigs definately don’t owe us anything.

Later on in the day the Tuskers went out in a small VNI gang, three or four plus an exec and a couple of frigs. We roamed for quite a few hours and for the whole roam I was being tortured by the smell of a delicious roasted chicken I had in the oven but which I didn’t have time to eat beforehand. Anyway the roam ended up with us piling into a heavy armour Battleship and cruiser gang. We dropped a Mega, Tempest, Zealot, Fleet cane, three vexors and an Ares for the loss of our four VNIs, at one point I was in low hull and managed to wiggle out of tackle and warp off only to be called back by Sulei to my death:) That was a really damn good fight and if we hadn’t made a few mistakes we would have won, their geddon was also neuting the crap out of us which didn’t help.

Still, a very good day and my conservative sums from the killboard so far are 5Bn killed for Johnny for the loss of about 130M. I’ll take those odds, It’s good being a pirate.


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