Shitty crappy internet drama

Well bloody hell, fucking space drama strikes again. A couple of days ago I was happily running a thriving lowsec corp and now I am on the hunt for a new one.

Here is the story (which is idiotic in the extreme) – basically one of the directors had a good old rant at me on the forums and I wasn’t in the mood for nonsensical allegations written in grammar which is worse than that of my eleven year old nephew. This guy had basically been backbiting ever since I became CEO at the wish of everyone except him and I was sick and tired of it to the extent that I wasn’t really undocking much.

I was pretty grumpy at the time and snapped and basically said “well fuck off then, if you want it so much you do it” I made him CEO on the spot and resigned all my roles.

Bit of backstory here, I was super proud when I became a Bastard the first time round and only left when the genius mentioned above took the corp to nullsec and it fell apart, having to be merged into Shadow Cartel to stay alive (thanks mucho for that Bagger, we owe you) I returned about a year ago and with Ana we rebuilt the corp to the thriving community it is today. In a stroke I have probably undone all that work but it came down to a decision that I just couldn’t fly with a guy who constantly undermined everything I said.

Why not just demote the bugger, or boot him you say? Well I could but firstly I don’t think you should abuse authority like that and secondly the backbiting would have intensified massively, resulting eventually in a popularity contest and then probably a corp split, all doing terrible damage to the corp. Far better to be the bigger man, avoid space drama and move on.

I do feel guilty for leaving the guys in the lurch, I’ll miss them like hell and have had so many nice emails and texts that I now wonder whether I did the right thing but what’s done is done and he will never give up the CEO title now he has it. I will always be proud to have been a Bastard but it looks like my future lies elsewhere.

So, where? The answer is that I have no idea really. I have asked Sulei if he will have me back in the Tuskers and asked Bagger if he would have me at Shadow. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I would really like to try out the big shiny stuff at Shadow but my heart is probably more with the small gang Tuskers stuff. I have great memories of taking small 3-5 man gangs out and absolutely murdering everything in sight regardless of size or composition (those guys are good).

I also had the idea in the shower this morning to take a month or so out and just go to highsec, find some poor newbs who had been wardecced, turn them into stone cold killers, and then set them loose on the deccers. Who knows?


8 thoughts on “Shitty crappy internet drama

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    Good luck where ever your path leads mate.

  2. Anonymous Brave Line Member says:

    Hey Johnny,

    That sucks a lot. I hate political nonsense. No one can say from the outside whether you did the “right thing,” but it sounds like it was definitely right for you not to stay in that situation.

    I have one idea for you to consider. Maybe you would be interested in BO-LD the small gang warfare corp in Brave Collective? (1) I’m not in BO-LD, but I am in BNI and I know that someone with your skills and willingness to contribute would easily make a new home there. Even if you just joined for a little vacation to share some of your hard-won skills with us, it would be a blast to have you for a Masterclass and go on some roams.

    In any case, fair wind and following seas, and I’ll look forward to reading about it here :)


  3. Sarcos says:

    Good luck in your new area of operations. My play time will be limited here shortly, but I look forward to GF’s and thinning out my stash of ships in Essence/Verge Vendor when I’m on and over that way. Gonna need a new scan/scout alt that isn’t known now. :D

  4. Ciba Lexlulu says:

    Join Stay Frosty. !! Would love to roam lowsec with you. We lose silly stuffs and fly around to blow up internet pixel spaceships.. No one care what you fly and what you lose. Need back up? Just yell at Corp channel and most likely there few Frostian T1 frigs ready to welp their ship backing you up irrespective what you are fighting…lol

  5. Crake Gaterau says:

    Fiesta in space tonight. Bring drinks and a ship. Also, what is “backup”?

  6. Sorry it happened that way, makes me feel I didn’t do my job properly when I retired. Oh well…
    Worst things happen at sea, least it makes a good blog post :)

    See you out there o7

  7. Qintes says:

    Sorry to see you go mate, specially in this manner. Hope it will work out for you.

  8. Prostetnic Jeltz says:

    “I don’t think you should abuse authority like that”

    It’s not abuse if you have promised, including implicitly, a certain type of atmosphere to your members. You have an obligation to give them what they were promised when you were put in charge, or when they joined with you in charge.

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