Starting to FC

FC’s are the heart of your corp, with a few exceptions such as the committed solo guys at Hayabusa, much of your corp will not enjoy soloing as much as flying with a fleet. This is fair, it is more sociable, fun and you can take on a wider range of targets but it relies on having enough guys willing to step up and lead. If you only have a small number of them then burnout is a big problem.

This is such a complicated subject and everyone will approach it differently but I will try to jot down a few ideas to help out new FCs.

Firstly, do not get up tight about it. You may be worrying that you are going to lose everyone’s ships (and you will eventually) but they are all just happy to not have to do this. You are already the guy who is creating content so take some pride in it. The only way to learn is by doing so step up.

Know your targets, you can’t FC if you have not flown and fought a wide range of ships. Knowing how those vexors are fit and how they are flown will allow you to beat them.

Develop a style, some are overbearing micromanagers and some are easygoing – the ideal will be somewhere in between obviously and will depend on your fleet. My fleets are never expensive or formed for some huge strategic importance so we are focussed on having fun. If you are dropping a pile of titans you may wish to be more serious.

Can’t emphasize this one enough, repeat important instructions calmly, keep feeding info and adjust the way you say it slightly. We all play with people from a huge range of countries and occasionally confuse each other with accents. For example “primary Bob in the rifter, B-O-B, rifter is primary”. Spelling the first three letters  of complicated gate names is a good trick too. Remember no-one wants to pipe up on comms to ask “who was primary again?” so keep feeding the info and it can make the difference between winning and loosing, the guys will also thank you for not having to ask again and look like a prat. Keep your voice calm and slow as much as possible.

Don’t sweat target calling, pick something high dps (or ewar) and get stuck into it, while that one is going down you can start looking for secondaries and lining them up in your head for destruction. If something is tanking like a beast don’t be afraid to primary something else. You MUST make sure everyone is hitting the primary too – new players will concentrate on people shooting them or closer but it is imperative everyone shoots the primary otherwise what’s the point of an FC, you might as well all yolo in there. Shout if the damage is split because this will loose you the fight.

Have an idea of what your fleet want to get out of the roam, if everyone has just shipped up into shinies then don’t take the first outnumbered fight you can. Try to get some fair fights before the potential wipeout. Piling into a big outnumbered fight is for the end of the evening when you’re going home with plenty of kills and loot already. Then it’s fun and will either be a glorious victory against the odds or ships which have paid for themselves anyway.

Start to get an idea of positioning, you should be zoomed right out with the overlay on in most fights and as you fly bigger stuff, the positioning of your fleet becomes more important. Always be zoomed right out and try to spot stragglers from your fleet or potential isolated targets from the enemy one.

The hardest bit of FCing is to basically have the fleet acting as one larger entity rather than a number of  separate ships. You do this with timing, clear instructions and getting your idea across quickly and effectively. Ultimately how you do this is down to personal style and the type of fleets you run but the points above will apply to most situations.


4 thoughts on “Starting to FC

  1. Gavin says:

    As a FC all you need to do is to try to give your fleet members a “fun time”. Don’t worry too much about doing it right. At the end of the day, all that really matters is “was it fun”.

    Too many FC get stressed out about winning, or at least not losing. There are times where winning is important, but generally what matters is that everyone had fun.

  2. Alek Azam says:

    As one of the “committed solo guys” actually getting some FC experience is one of the best ways to make a successful jump into solo. The experience you get helps alot with picking possible targets and positioning for the fight.

  3. Mr Spaxi says:

    I’d like to add one more thing, if you don’t mind Johnny: once you keep getting comfortable with your FCing and with people you are flying, do NOT shy away from fights that are not going to be in your favour. Sure, any fleet can send their tackler to get one ship, and then you just dog-pile him, but there’s no fun in that. As you gain experience, keep trying to create fun by attacking something that’s not 100% win. Fighting bigger fleets, fighting bigger ships is a ‘fun multiplier’ you will lose stuff, but at the end of it when you take a look and see – oh shit, we killed 3 cruisers and only lost 2 frigates, you’re going to be proud and your fleet members will be smiling for sure.

    • ericshangpirate says:

      There is a difference between taking on something you normally could not beat but now the odds are in you favor to – There is no chance in us winning but I am going to take it on anyway.

      In a solo match you could because you know your skill level and what you can achieve but when it comes to Fcing you are still responsible for the fleet and its members. This means you are dealing with multiple skill levels in one group and as a group your aim is to have fun. Whelping a frigate gang into cruisers for the shits and giggles is well not in my eyes fun at all.

      If its the end of the roam and you have a green killboard and looted enough to replace the fleet and you then see a target where you might all die but its juicy and you could win then sure attempt it. Your group by this time have had some kills and are in pvp mode following orders well.

      You could lose pilots coming to fleet up with you in the future if all you do is get them killed because you felt like risking them for a shiny kill.

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