Random drunken violence


Last nights monday roam was pretty chaotic even by our standards. We were about to set off in frigs as usual when Nash, who is never content with cheap ships:), decided he wanted to take cruisers. At this point I had been drinking some delicious and very strong home brew so said “fuck it, bring what you like”.

We therefore assembled a hodge-podge of cruisers and frigs, shield and armour, led by nash in his scouting/bait cyclone (after robbing corp hangar of its last blue pill) and headed off to start a fight.

Before we got out of system we got intel of a proteus and some recons heading into system so lazy and I legged it back to reship into a couple of augorers we found in corp locker. They turned out to have salvagers in the highs instead of energy transfers but hey what the hell – there were shines to explode so we legged it back to gate quick.

The shinies didn’t materialise so we pushed on and found a Cane on gate which got blapped quickly enough but lit a cyno. At this point our command and control is out the window, we have guys taking gate guns in shield frigs with armour logi cruisers (without cap transfers), I’m driving a logi which I am bad at but also can’t FC while I’m doing it so several of the other guys are FCing at different times. The drop happens but a pretty ragtag fleet drops through consisting of a couple of T3s, a bomber and I think two stratios. By this point of course we are expecting PL and the order to bail has been given but then there is some discussion and a couple of our guys get dropped in the confusion. Bugger – round one to the droppers.

We however scrape together what we had left and pile back for round two because, apart from anything else, there was some decent loot on the field. Bit more composed this time we get stuck in and drop a bomber, stratios, deimos, another bomber and then their loki, which was not bad considering the outrageous kitchen sink fleet we had. I don’t think we took any losses either this time although Lazy’s Aug was getting a proper kicking from the deimos and my entire top rack was melting trying to keep him up.

After a break for more beer and Nash to divvy out the loot to those who had lost ships we messed about a bit in Hadozeko between two other fleets and again bad coordination cost us a few losses, it was one of those chaotic nights where no-one is really in charge, there are lots of guys on comms who don’t know each other, and plenty of afkers, which is fun occasionally but not to be made a habit of.

The tricky part is keeping a roam relaxed enough that guys can talk and have a laugh when not fighting but strict enough that the fleet is still capable of coordinated action. I think we are too used to fast frigates which can be warped and got into position quickly – cruisers are slower and therefore require more discipline. 

That said everyone had a bloody good laugh – we blew up about a bill of ships for loosing a handful of cruisers and frigs and scooped about 70 mill of loot which probably paid for most of the losses. We will do cruisers again but I wont be in a logi:)


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