More of the usual chaos.


Things seem to be slowly hotting up after a pretty quiet summer, I was away for much of it and so were many of the others. However the UK has now had it’s two weeks of summer and the leaves are falling off the trees and people are spending more time indoors. 

Most of the russians have left Auner but a few remain and they are broadly bearable, one in particular is polite most of the time in local and keeps feeding us kills so long may it last. One or two new ones have turned up and I watched one bring in a garmur and an orthrus. It took only a day or two for lazy to bump off the garmur and we have our eyes set on the orthrus too. Meanwhile I relieved another of his gatecamping tornado.

Then shit got silly as it always does. 

Tibbs decided it was venture roam time so off we went. We found a guy in a prospect mining in Amamake and perhaps when eight or so flashy ventures landed on grid he thought “ah here are some mining buddies come to share the belt” for some reason he didn’t cloak or warp and was torn to bits pretty quickly.

We were still chuckling when a PL hurricane landed and again we thought “naaah, surely not” but never forget the rule “always take bait”. He was stupid enough to let us get on top of him and again was exploded in short order and without a cyno going up – which was a shame..

Can’t remember much about the rest of that night but it ended with a classic scrap. We were about to go home when we saw a equal size gang of faction and T1 frigs and they seemed to be up for a fight. After a bit of arsing about we took it in a small plex and the fight was on, I was calling targets and dropped the three comets first which all went down very fast, luckily the slicer came in too close and we got him too. We were obviously loosing ships too as they had enough points to hold us down but they were loosing them faster. The T1 frigs went down a lot slower as by then they had dropped much of our dps until all that was left on field was me, one of the meats and two enemy kiting out at 20+km. 

By that stage we could do nothing but nor could they hold us so we warped off – lots of GFs in local, the kill count was about equal but we lost 7 mill mining frigs and they lost faction frigs so we deffo came out ahead on ISK (and bragging rights).

I have tried many times to get a decent battle report but they’re all so mixed up you’ll have to take my word on this one (or visit our killboard). 


3 thoughts on “More of the usual chaos.

  1. Ard UnjiiGo says:

    Brought a big smile to my ugly mug to see that the Bastards are still pirating, blogging and having great fun!

    Miss flying with the corp and EVE. Maybe someday soon…

    Thanks for keeping the low-sec jolly roger flying from all of us old timers that went into mothballs.


  2. Ard UnjiiGo says:

    Looking at the KB and the public forum I bloody well am!

    Much gratitude to all of the poxy bastards that have carried the torch.

    Yarr on!

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