Suddenly, Spaceships.



Well I’m sure you will all agree it has been a bit quiet over the last few weeks but the last few days seem to have seen an upsurge of activity in our area.

Firstly I have to mention the sterling work our training corp is doing, the Meatshield Bastards are our learner corp where we take guys straight out of pod school and make them into killers, have to say its going quite well. Just recently our (supposed) newbs in meta fit T1 frigates have dropped a daredevil, a succubus, and two rather shiny pods. I bloody love ’em. To be honest we aren’t teaching them much at all these days, they have enough knowledge within their ranks to learn without us and that speaks volumes. Promotions to Bastards corp coming soon.

BLOPs stuff is something we are capable of but don’t do enough partly because not everyone can fly a droppable ship and also because we are not great at getting ready quickly:) But when our local russians were gatecamping nearby it was an ideal opportunity to drop some heavy metal on them. One of our meats, Dero went in with a bait maller and amazingly they took it, cyno, bam, and we got a cynabal and two logis, unfortunately the damn oracle got away..

Our trusty fleet comp of kitchen sink frigates has been doing us proud too, we dropped a couple of destroyers and a Retribution in Gulmogorod then managed to isolate a Vagabond, kill off its drones and wear the bugger down which took no small amount of skill on the part of everyone there and many of the guys were very new. Scratch one Vagabond to frigates.

Last of all and after many months of baiting with my alt in a procurer someone finally took the bait, woohoo. Cynabal down.

Its good being a Bastard..



One thought on “Suddenly, Spaceships.

  1. Johnd895 says:

    You are my inhalation, I have few web logs and rarely run out from post fbfbegfkfdde

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