It’s a good day to be a pirate.

Today has been quite unusually good so far, having lost a pod to a derp when I got back from sailing last week I have been needing some luck. Mr Spaxi has also relieved me of a Comet for winning the monthly “best kill” competition (again) so I’m going to have to enter that this month to save the corp some dough.

Anyway I digress. Anabaric our CEO is getting married soon and doesn’t have the time to spare these days to run our rag-tag band of merry misfits so he retired and I’m the new CEO of the Bastards. While this is pretty cool in itself nothing important will change, we will still be the Bastards as we have been since 2007, no blues, no politics, no bullshit and a tonne of fun.

I spent a little while poking round the alliance interface and didn’t understand a single thing so here’s hoping I don’t mess that up but then spotted a merlin in a plex in Auner. Tally ho, scram bosh and I have his pod pointed so I thought I’d try to get a new haiku for the board.

Johnny Twelvebore > hey
Johnny Twelvebore > gonna need a ransom I’m afraid
Katusha Starski > hi
Katusha Starski > how much?
Johnny Twelvebore > know what a haiku is?
Katusha Starski > yes
Johnny Twelvebore > give me your best shot
Katusha Starski > I say no to terrorists, I’d rather be killed
Johnny Twelvebore > really?
Johnny Twelvebore > rather than be creative and try making a poem?
Katusha Starski > nah, not my native language, so I can’t
Johnny Twelvebore > ah which is your native language?
Johnny Twelvebore > well sorry but no haiku then I’m gonna have to pod you – you seemed like a decent bloke but cant make exceptions


Nothing unusual about this, most people are idiots and would rather loose a pod than compose a poem but I had a premonition and checked my char sheet. Sure enough I had been at -9.999 sec status for months and this one tipped me over to pure -10, Oh yes, good day to be a pirate.



Edit: Today just got better, we jumped through a wormhole to an Amarr lowsec system and scooped over 700M of pos mods (silos, reactors, moon harvesters) which were just laying about. TF would be proud of me.


One thought on “It’s a good day to be a pirate.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pod for a poem?
    Hilarious, to be sure,
    A tale much enjoyed.

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