Ups and downs


So I have just got back from a few weeks away and as usual I suck, lost an incursus to an atron because I didn’t have a drone and failed to reload null quickly enough. Then I heard that Huola was busy so we went over there and jumped into a gatecamp – I made a series of crap decisions which ended in me loosing my pod and nearly loosing a mates snake pod but thankfully he sucked less than me and got it out. His voice did go a bit squeaky though.

So I went back to Auner (in a noobship, like a boss) and got chatting to Sarcos who was chasing a missioner. I warped in on him in an inty and the whole pocket went for me so I was lucky to get out in one piece, Sarcos went in for him and he had bailed before he got to the second gate.

He did however make one massive mistake by asking in local “did you get the loot?” which told us he had popped the final rat but warped out and couldn’t get back in because of us, then the mission gate despawned. Luckily it was a simple case of scanning his abandoned drones and scooping 300M of loot:)

Bam. Bob giveth and he taketh away (or is that only in wormholes?)

Stand by for a newbie training guide, we have a couple of new guys and they’re asking about training.


One thought on “Ups and downs

  1. Mr Spaxi says:

    The Nash syndrome, it struck even the best.

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