Some days you suck, and some days..

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Every time I go away I get rusty and this trip was no different, I got back and we have some top new guys in corp so I went out with them, and exploded instantly every time. I think they were a bit downhearted actually having joined a pirate corp and then realised one of the directors was a total dud:)

Today I had some time spare so went out soloing which I don’t do enough, my weapon of choice was a comet and holy crap these things are good!

My spree of awesome started off by whacking a taranis in a tristan, that was a damn close fight and he hung about so I got the pod too.

Then I jumped into the comet of pure evil (btw this is just a standard T2 fit, I don’t do bling or expensive implants) and set off to introduce myself to whoever I could find.

I warped in on a firetail and after a good scrap he dropped and was daft enough to leave his pod hanging about, as I was scooping his loot his mate in a tristan warps in. I was about to bail when I noticed I still had some charges left in my ancil so thought “fuck it” and yoloed into the bugger. Well turns out the shit had dual neuts so I was dry pretty quick but not before Id hurt him, the vamp was sucking a little bit of power back and it came down to the choice between cycle repper or guns. No contest, one burst and he was toast, I was in low hull with the proper pvp shakes – not had that in a while! Scooped the loot and that paid for my ship when it finally pops. Forgot to mention – also got his pod:)


At this point I’m wishing there were more blokes online to hear about this fight when I find a tormentor in a plex. Tally ho etc and got the bugger pointed but he is fast and I’m struggling to close on him to lay the serious hurt on, finally I get close and he eventually goes down but not before his mate in a bloody dual rep incursus turns up! Well it worked once so let’s try again. Its a damn close fight and he reps like a boss but I’m chucking out some serious damage here and just overwhelm his tank as I burn out my repper. Couldn’t have been closer.


The only bad thing about this is that no-one is on to hear about it:)


[edit] Shortly after writing this post I soloed a daredevil in a tristan, today is turning out pretty well:)



2 thoughts on “Some days you suck, and some days..

  1. Marq Aideron says:

    Facemelt Comet, really gotta try this once!

  2. Mr Spaxi says:

    High DPS no tank, new meta in piracy.

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