Mobile what?



Found this by accident when I was in settings, anyone any idea what it is?


2 thoughts on “Mobile what?

  1. wacko says:


    By far the most ambiguous title of the three, it’s currently unclear what this structure is intended to be a decoy for, or who it is trying to deceive. If this is structure is intended for PvP, it’s possible that it will be used similar to the aforementioned “dscan disruptor” and provide a false result, possibly not just on dscan but on the overview as well. If this module is used for PvE, it’s possible that it could be used as a dummy target to draw the fire of NPCs. Unfortunately, this is and will remain in the realm of speculation until CCP releases any details.


    I thought this item isn’t available in-game (yet). You can’t buy it, can you?

  2. Sarcos says:

    Ohhh….just had another one to add to my wish list. A Nixie for internet spaceships!

    Second thought..naw…I really do hate ecm.

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