Woohoo – top 2000



Well I have made it into the top 2000, pretty happy with that and I think I have found my level so not going to stress it if I waver up and down from here. I havent made any special effort to maximise points beyond flying cheap and (obviously) exploding as many ships as possible so lets just see what happens.

On a seperate note our elite Bastards web monkeys are working on a killboard with “true” efficiency on it i.e. the value of ships lost against the value of mods dropped from enemy ships so watch this space – it should be cool.



4 thoughts on “Woohoo – top 2000

  1. Marq Aideron says:

    Looking forward to having some form of TRUE isk efficiency metric. What I blow up doesn’t go to my wallet!

  2. rixxjavix says:

    Interesting kilboard idea, let us know how it goes

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