New Mordu ships

ImageThe new Mordu ships look great and I couldn’t care less about the back story but since I am writing this just before Kronos goes live here is my prediction on how they will be used:

You know that time you got caught by a linked Keres and it orbited you at 40km doing some ridiculous speed and slowly picked you to death? Well these are going to do the same thing except they will kill you a lot faster. At least to start with the Mordu’s Legion ships will be very expensive (let’s see how common the lowsec belt bpc drops are) so the increasingly risk and lossmail averse meta that seems to prevail these days will ensure that these ships wil be flown with faction points and links. I for one will be avoiding the bloody things like the plague.

Where they will shine is kiting the crap out of inexperienced players, a couple of these or even one for point plus some long range dps would really make a mess of brave newbies for instance (although they don’t give a crap and will eventually get you). High sec shenanigans may also benefit from this ships combo of long point and damage application.

Expect to see Shirak skunkworks and Imperial fedaykin flying these round lowsec soon:)


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