Who honours ransoms?

ImageWe ransomed a guy in a missioning drake earlier today for the budget price of 35M and he was seriously grumpy about it (next time I’ll just blast the bugger) but it got me thinking about ransoms again.

This post is therefore going to be a simple list of corps I know of who will definitely honour ransoms (and 1v1s too). I am going to link to reddit and encourage anyone whose corp has a policy of keeping their word to comment so I can update this post. Perhaps it will go some small way to making ransoms a “thing” again.

Any corp listed below has a 100% policy of honouring ransoms and 1v1s and would guarantee this at CEO level. If you are offered a ransom by anyone in these corps and you pay up, they will let you go.

So without further ado I can add my own corp The Bastards and a corp I have spent much time in, The Tuskers. There are several more who I suspect would have a similar policy but I won’t jump the gun until they get in touch. Comment below if you are happy to add your corp to this list and I’ll update the post.

The Tuskers

The Bastards

Shadow Cartel (alliance)

Black rebel rifter club (and alliance)


6 thoughts on “Who honours ransoms?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Black Rebel Rifter Club

    Our feeder corp Black Dragon Fighting Society

    • Anonymous says:

      Forgot one more, apologies!

      Operation Devil’s Tattoo

      All 3 of us fly together as an alliance, The Devil’s Tattoo.

  2. Sard Caid says:

    Honestly I wouldn’t trust the general Shadow Cartel membership for honoring ransoms.

    Also, I feel a better question these days is who even offers ransoms without the express purpose of extorting ISK out of a victim before destroying the ship? Most PVPers these days are so killmail hungry that ransoms are seen as a waste of time, as there are better ways to make ISK.

    • W0wbagger says:

      Why is that Sard? Baseless slander or do you have evidence to the contrary – if it’s the latter then please provide it and the instigator will be kicked, if it’s the former… well then.

      • Sard Caid says:

        The term you’re looking for is libel; slander refers to spoken remarks.

        I base my opinion on the general attitude of Shadow Cartel pilots, and the occasional smack talk in local. I don’t trust players who blob first and smack talk after.

        If you’re looking for a name and shame, I can’t say I’ve heard of or been on the receiving end of a Shadow Cartel ransom in years. As I said, it’s just not a common practice for PvP.

        Would I take a ransom from players in Shadow Cartel I know, and trust the result? Sure. Would I take a ransom from a general member that I don’t know and trust the result? No, but I’d take the ransom anyway because I don’t like reshipping and hey, ransoms are cool.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t play anymore but I was in Stay Frosty and we always honored ransoms/1v1s. I’m sure Rixx would concur.

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