ISK. The first question I get asked when new guys come to lowsec is “how can I make ISK?” to which of course the correct answer is “explode ships and take their loot” but unfortunately getting to the stage where you can do this takes a bit of time and no small number of your own ships going boom.

We wrack our brains and suggest stuff like exploration but really that’s only worthwhile if you go to null and for that you need a covops and archaeology 5 etc plus a bit of practice on how to avoid bubbles and camps. Station trading also comes up but everyone I know who has tried it has definitely made money but also given up before too long because BLOODY HELL IT’S BORING. PI comes up and it can produce some basic returns mostly afk but again unless you really skill into it and keep the chains going then it is not much.

The truth is that in this game you will eventually fall into ways of making money, what I find boring you may find palatable but it takes time and a few skills to be trained up. I have tried pretty much every way of making ISK in this game and to be honest have yet to find a better one than blowing people up and taking their stuff – I don’t make much but it is enough to keep me in small fast ships and my alt does a few beary things on the side to make sure I have some space savings.

Very recently (and especially with PLEX at an all time high) I have concluded that for the new guys who have less in game skills, buying a PLEX is the best way to get started. Most people will earn the £15 you need very quickly in their real job and certainly many times faster than you could make 700M ISK with a low SP character in game. Further along the line you will be able to do DED plexes, relic sites, incursions or how ever else you want to make money but to start out just pony up the cash and be free of worries for a good few months while you learn.



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