Wormhole genius

ImageThis bloke is a genius. Approximately a week into my EVE career I somehow managed to find myself in a WH corp called Sudden Buggery (great name eh, more on this later) run by Trinket’s Friend (trustworthy looking mugshot above) and while most people are mucking about in highsec with L1 missions I was blasting about through wormholes in a punisher with flames trailing behind it having a hell of a time.

In two and a half years of playing this game, flying with the No1 ranked corp in game for a year, various alliance tournament pilots, famous lowsec pirates and other interesting dudes I have never met anyone as good at finding trouble as TF. Seriously, this guy came into the system I have lived in for six months and immediately found an offline POS that had run out of fuel two hours previously leaving us with some labs to loot.

When we were in corp he would always be finding targets in wormholes, unattended stuff to steal and generally had an inbuilt radar that detected anyone in a bad situation that we could make worse.

I mention all this because he has returned to running his own corp again, not Sudden Buggery but Goat Sects, so if you want to live in a wormhole, make plenty of cash and go hunting through chains and into empire then this is the guy to show you how. I will probably put my alt in the corp to have some fun when lowsec is quiet too.


One thought on “Wormhole genius

  1. He has started up Sudden Buggery again :) \o/

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