Lowsec vs Nullsec

Poor old lowsec, it’s like the quiet kid in the corner quietly drawing really cool stuff who is ignored because he is in a room full of sugar-crazed morons who are running around the room with crayons up their noses.

I’ll start this by saying I am biased – I live in lowsec and its where I belong. Sometimes it drives me nuts when yet another cloaky farmer won’t fight or the facwar guys form up a ten man cruiser gang with logi to attack our two battle haulers but then you get one of those awesome days when it all goes right, you get heaps of outclassed fights you should have lost and come out of it all with a big smile and a pile of loot the size of a whale.

That said I have lived in wormholes and I have an alt in nullsec so I do know the other side of the coin and it just always seems that lowsec keeps getting the boot. I will say that the gate gun changes about a year(?) ago were the single best thing that has ever happened to lowsec. before that if you agressed someone you had to wait 15 mins before going near a bloody gate. You have no idea how happy we were when that one came in. But ever since then its been a bit depressing.

The fundamental game concept which is often touted is “risk vs reward” and not a single rational person would say that null is riskier than lowsec. Remember a few months back when the standings were broken for a few days so everyone showed as neutral in local? The nullbears were screaming that the game was “essentially unplayable” – man up cupcake, try living in a wormhole.

I appreciate that to own sov you need to blue up half the map and get a load of brainwashed automatons to bash various large structures which don’t shoot back but this is not “effort vs reward” its risk and when you have your intel channels, colour coded local and cyno jammers you are pretty bloody safe out in sov null.

The latest boot is to cap production in low, one of the few ways you could make decent cash in lowsec which will now be 11% more expensive than doing it deep in a nullsec fortress, really? Have you any idea how scary it is jumping a freighter into lowsec?

Lowsec at the moment doesn’t really have its defining thing, we need something that people come here for (so that we can kill them and take it) until then we will continue to do what we do, complain on the bad days and cheer on the good ones.


6 thoughts on “Lowsec vs Nullsec

  1. CMIV says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the essence of what you are saying and it depresses me that low-sec is being overlooked so often, especially in any sort of risk/reward thing as you rightly pointed out.

    However, you have committed a cardinal sin that is in my eyes and it’s a big part of the problem…

    “I live in LOWSEC and its where I belong. Sometimes it drives me nuts when [TALKS ABOUT FACTION WARFARE]”

    So many pilots these days hear the word lowsec and think faction warfare. It’s almost as in non-FW space has ceased to exist in the minds of a lot of pilots. This includes CSM candidates, well know EvE personalities, bloggers etc. Many of my recent conversations about lowsec went like this-

    Me: “man lowsec sucks these days, very little going on at all and now it looks like they’re nerfing cap production for us too.”

    Not Me: “WHAT! You’re spoilt with all those LPs and PvP in faction warfare. There’s no way that lowsec needs better content or any sort of buff”.

    And hence, nothing happens much to or in non-FW lowsec these days.

    So, yeah I agree with you, but how about not contributing to the problem ;-) We need to get the lowsec / FW distinction back into the minds of pilots. If we don’t, it’s always going to be a case of “lowsec doesn’t need anything – FW is the best PvP / ISK making / everything else area around”.

    • Guilty as charged, sorry man. I live in the FW areas and you’re right – its often very quiet outside them.

      Maybe I should go on a non-FW pilgrimage for a bit and see what it is like.

      • Anonymous says:

        I use FW lowsec as my ‘fight club’ space. Undock a frig/cruiser/whatever and try to kill as many people as I can before it goes boom, and it will!

        I also have Jc’s setup in different areas of non-fw lowsec for slightly less stressful activities like exploration, low sec mission running and general isk making. Now that I’ve left FW (possibly for good unless the player base changes) I’ll probably spend more time out there chilling out etc.

        One of the biggest things for me is that there isn’t much reason for non-pvp centric players (pirate?!) to settle in non-fw low tbh.

      • Anonymous is me by the way :)

  2. Sclera says:

    oh i dunno, the best thing about low sec is the people who do live here :) best part of the eve community by far. No one gives a shit about anything except finding something to blow up or be blown up by – suits me just fine

  3. I find non-FW low sec to be as engaging and engrossing in different ways than FW low sec. But yes, low has two distinct flavors that happen to live in the same room.

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